Research conducted by Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business meets national and international priorities: it is multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary; the Faculty’s scientists and researchers are participating in national and international projects, taking part in scientific conferences, and are actively involved in R&D projects and non-formal education. Global grant programmes and involvement in national research programmes enables the Faculty’s scientists to achieve significant results.


Research areas

Studies on traffic safety, transport logistics and environmental protection

Research focuses on investigations on traffic accidents in streets and roads by defining the reasons of these accidents and finding solutions. Studies on transport logistics aim to explore the possibilities of applying technological solutions in the fields of cargo loading/uploading, storage and freight. The issues of logistics centres management have been also investigated. Research in environmental protection solves the questions related to transport noise, pollution, vibration prevention and control.


Studies on strength of materials and structural elements and technology processes of their processing

Research in this topic is devoted to the development and improvement of methodologies for the determination of strength, stiffness and durability of loaded layered (mechanically heterogeneous) structural elements. The method of calculation of elastically deformable layered structural elements has been developed, which allows to precisely predict the behaviour of such constructions during loading and compression loading, and predicts decomposition and strength.


Building materials for constructions and energy

Research in this topic is related to the development of multi-purpose selection methods for efficient solutions for A ++ energy efficiency buildings.

Organisational processes and management solutions in the context of enhancing competitiveness

Research in this topic is related to the effectiveness of organisational processes and evaluation of their efficiency with the aim to optimise the processes in different stages of value chain creation and to develop the organisational values that lead to socially responsible behaviour. The search for management solutions is based on identifying practical problems in economics, management, finances, law and marketing and applying the research based knowledge and organisational wisdom.


Educational empowerment and employability

This topic deals with the qualitative and quantitative research on academic youth mobility and their integration into job market or other forms of employment (entrepreneurship, volunteering, self-employment) taking into account other stakeholders (educational institutions and job market representatives). The focus on educational empowerment is related to the exploration of the ways for developing youth‘s competences required by job market and enabling leadership for learning. The latter research aspect reflects the studies on educational empowerment of schools community: encouragement of leadership among teachers and pupils, analysis of relationship between pupils’ learning achievements and leadership.


Research groups

Research group Principal Investigator
Modelling, development and application of microelectromechanical systems Prof. dr. Darius Viržonis

Research achievements and impact


Valickas, Jonas (išrad.); Jankauskas, Jonas Algimantas (išrad.); Satkevičius, Martynas (išrad.). Laiptais galintis kopti įrenginys ir tokio įrenginio pavaros energijos sąnaudų valdymo būdas = A device capable to move by stairs and method of energy control of this device / išradėjai: Jonas Valickas, Jonas Algimantas Jankauskas, Martynas Satkevičius ; savininkas: Kauno technologijos universitetas. LT 6343 B. 2017-01-10. 13 p. Prieiga per internetą: <> [žiūrėta 2017-07-13]. [DB: Lietuvos Respublikos patentų duomenų bazė]

Vanagas, Gailius (išrad.); Viržonis, Darius (išrad.); Šergalis, Gvidas (išrad.); Ramanavičienė, Almira (išrad.); Ramanavičius, Arūnas (išrad.). Skysto mėginio analizavimo sistema ir būdas = System and method of analyse of liquid sample / išradėjai: Gailius Vanagas, Darius Viržonis, Gvidas Šergalis, Almira Ramanavičienė, Arūnas Ramanavičius ; savininkas: Kauno technologijos universitetas. LT 6394 B. 2017-06-12. 20 p. Prieiga per internetą: <> [žiūrėta 2017-07-13]. [DB: Lietuvos Respublikos patentų duomenų bazė]

Defended dissertations at the Department of Technology, 2012–2016:

Name, surname Title of PHD thesis Supervisor Defence year
Evaldas Sapeliauskas Application of Capacitive Micro machined Ultrasonic Transducers for Biosensor Prof. dr. Darius Viržonis. 2017 m.
Olga Fiodorova Detection of Mobile Robot Coordinates Using the Known Environmental Information Prof. dr. K. Kiprijonas Šarkauskas 2016 m.
Justinas Tilindis Production Efficiency Optimisation by Modelling Manual Assembly Processes Prof. dr. Vytautas Kleiza 2016 m.
Donatas Aviža Multi-Purpose Selectonovation of an Optimal Thermal Insulation Layer for Building Envelopes Prof. dr. Zenonas Turskis 2016 m.
Saulius Sinkevičius Development and Analysis of Algorithms for Object Identification Based on Image Prof. dr. Arūnas Lipnickas 2015 m.
Silvija Sėrikovienė Research on Application of Learning Objects Reusability and Quality Evaluation Methods Prof. habil. dr. J. Mockus 2013 m.
Nerijus Partaukas Research on Stress State and Strength in Multilayer Bars and Pipes Prof. dr. J. Bareišis 2012 m.
Gailius Vanagas Influence of Structural Materials Properties on Functional Parameters of Microelectromechanical Systems Assoc. dr. V. Grigaliūnas 2012 m.

Defended dissertations at the Department of Economics and Business, 2012–2016:

Name, surname Title of PHD thesis Supervisor Defence year
Sandra Jakštienė Assessment of Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Factors’ Impact on Vulnerable Job Market Segments Assoc. dr. D. Beržinskienė 2013 m.
Asta Krašenkienė Lithuanian Trade Unions: Structure, Membership and Efficiency Prof. dr. A. Krupavičius 2013 m.

The impact of projects


Research infrastructure and services

Research-based technological solutions developed by our Faculty‘s scientists and researchers help solve the problems of business and industry clients. The R&D collaboration includes all stages of activity: from completing simple orders to first testing of prototypes and joint R&D projects of national and international importance.


All the services provided by the Faculty and the equipment available for rent you will find on KTU Open Access Centre.


Using technological solutions created by our scientists and researchers we help our clients solve technological problems. Partnership with business encompasses all stages of cooperation: from simple orders and first tests to joint R&D projects and other services.
Reserve equipment or order a service through KTU Open Access Centre.

Science Projects

Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business


Significant publications

 The most significant publications of the PFTB in 2015–2018

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