Panevėžys Faculty of Technology and Business

The Faculty offers top quality studies and innovative research in the fields of integrated design and construction management as well as management, and control technologies.

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Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business provides studies of the top quality – 90 percent of our study programmes are assessed as excellent by international experts.

Studying in Panevezys has the advantages:

  • Living costs are lower than in big cities
  • Dormitory accommodation is available for every student
  • Lower competition among students for the internship placement and studies under Erasmus+ programme
  • State of the art laboratories for your research and studies
  • Favourable employment opportunities
  • Flexible schedule of lectures allowing to combine studies and work

Our vision

The leading competence centre in the North East Lithuania, offering interdisciplinary high-level university studies and generating research-based technological solutions for business and industry and for the advancement of science.

Our mission

To carry out high-quality university studies and to develop scientific and technological knowledge based on links between technology and business that promote development of the region.

Our values

  • Sustaining spirit and traditions of University of Lithuania (predecessor of KTU)
  • Responsibility to society
  • Cooperation
  • Transparency of activities
  • Initiative
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Academic honesty
  • Continuous improvement

With the rapid growth of industrial enterprises and the increasing need for qualified specialists – engineers, at the recommendation of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Panevėžys Evening Division at Kaunas Polytechnic Institute was opened at the premises of Panevėžys Polytechnic School on 1 September 1961. Pranas Pranaitis was appointed the head of this division. 62 students were admitted to the studies of industrial and civil engineering.

The first Doctor of Science if Technology (degree defended in 1962), engineer, associate professor Algimantas Labudis came to work at Panevėžys Evening Division in 1963. He initiated close cooperation between science and the city’s enterprises. The Division was reorganised into the Evening Faculty on 1 September 1965. A division of day-time studies named KPI Panevėžys Faculty was opened at Panevėžys Faculty in 1989.

1975 – three operating research laboratories.

1989 – division of day-time studies named KPI Panevėžys Faculty opened at Panevėžys Faculty.

September 1989 – Panevėžys Faculty took over the interschool training centre (S. Daukanto str. 12).

17 March 1995 – Management Technologies and Business Training Centre (VMC) supported by the U.S. Agency of International Development was established at Panevėžys Polytechnic Faculty.

The intense process of the Faculty’s life in 1965-1991 was not automatic; significant personalities played the role in these events. One of these people is assoc. prof. dr. Algimantas Labudis who was working in the position of the Dean of the Faculty for 18 years. A scientist and inventor who published forty scientific works (analysing the construction of electricity measurement devices) that strongly influenced the development of the Lithuanian electrical engineering and contributed to the preparation of the Lithuanian engineers.

1 October 1998 – the Senate of KTU decided to reorganise Panevėžys Polytechnic Faculty into Panevėžys Branch; on 4 April 2001, it was renamed KTU Panevėžys Institute and had two faculties: Faculty of Technologies and Faculty of Business and Administration.

1 January 2014 – the faculties of Panevėžys Institute were merged into one faculty – KTU Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business.

26 October 2017 – the departments of Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business were merged into the Technology and Entrepreneurship Competence Centre by the decision of KTU Council No. V7-T-26.

The history of KTU Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business of more than 50 years includes many innovative, diligent and creative teachers and managers who formed a strong foundation for the University’s studies in Panevėžys: Pranas Pranaitis, assoc. prof. Algimantas Labudis, assoc. prof. dr. Algimantas Zenkevičius, prof. habil. dr. Algirdas Jurkauskas, prof. habil. dr. Žilvinas Bazaras, prof. habil. dr. Jonas Bareišis, assoc. prof. dr. Jonas Valickas, assoc. prof. dr. Stasys Stoškus, prof. Asta Valackienė, etc.

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Dean‘s office

Daiva Žostautienė

Prof. dr. Daiva Žostautienė

Brigita Stanikūnienė

Assoc. prof. Brigita Stanikūnienė

Vice-Dean for Studies
Olga Strikulienė

Dr. Olga Strikulienė

Vice-Dean for Research
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Saulė Kairienė

Head of Administration