UAB Metalistas LT will provide sponsorship grants to students of KTU Panevezys Faculty of Technology and Business

Important | 2019-10-15

In October the 2th Kaunas University of Technology Panevėžys Faculty of Technology and Business (KTU PTVF) and UAB Metalistas LT, a metal processing company in Panevėžys City, signed an agreement on the patronage of KTU PTVF students. The agreement was signed by the Dean Prof. dr. Daiva Žostautienė and Rasa Gudienė, General Director of UAB Metalistas LT. According to the CEO, Metalistas LT is a learning organization. Its employees have been constantly improving their knowledge and skills for achieving higher goals. Knowing the importance of scientific knowledge, R. Gudienė is proud to contribute to the motivation of students to achieve better results.

“We absolutely admire everything that KTU Panevezys Faculty’s team does to try to attract as many young people as possible to experience the greatness of science. More than that, they put immense efforst to  make science “alive” and to explore the ways textbook material is applied in  practice. We believe that this is a successful way for young people to build a professional background. As a result, we are excited to join another meaningful initiative,” she says.

The CEO of the company expressed the hope that the scholarship will be another motivational element that will help to achieve even more impressive results.

Under the sponsorship agreement, UAB Metalistas LT  will encourage KTU PTVF students by awarding sponsorship  grants. The company will award 3 scholarships to students in Electronics Engineering and Transportation Engineering.

It is planned that two scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate students in the Automation and Control study program and one to graduate students from the Vehicle Engineering or Control Technology degree programs. The Faculty also received a financial support for  publishing the conference proceedings of the student scientific conference “Current Issues of Technologies and Business”.

The  scholarships are awarded for excellence in research and studies. The best results of students’ research and studies will be determined by the Qualification Commission on the basis of the established criteria through a competition.

Žostautienė, Dean of KTU PTVF, is pleased that a strong leader in Lithuania is involved into the Faculty’s student promotion. “The sincere partnership between business and science really produces great results. The involvement of business partners in the development of new study programs and study process is an essential asset for students. Students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the study subject both theoretically and practically. Learners can interact directly with business, ask questions, test their skills and model career prospects during their studies. Business engagement and concern for future young professionals are not just high-sounding phrases. This is evidenced by the financial incentives provided by the business to students through scholarships. And we sincerely welcome our responsible and caring social partners and wish them success. Only by joint effors we are able to achieve more than striving for high goals in solitude ! ” says Daiva Žostautienė, Dean of KTU PTVF.

KTU PTVF and UAB Metalistas LT have close relationship For the second time, the company is a Sponsorship Scholarship Provider. Initially, the Faculty signed a grant agreement with UAB Metalistas LT in July 2017. And in December 2018 a cooperation agreement on student internships was signed. Students at the company can carry out the professional, speciality and summer internships.