„Erasmus exchange program in Panevėžys was perfect for me“ – student Muhammed

Important | 2017-07-05

Muhammed Mustafa Kelek, Selcuk University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Erasmus studies in 2014/2015

Erasmus exchange program in Panevėžys was perfect for me. I experienced a lot of things (met new people from different cultures, traveled to most of the European countries, gained international experience). When I had passed the exams, I contacted to my Erasmus coordinator at KTU. Erasmus staff is so helpful there, and they really reply to emails so fast!

At KTU Panevėžys faculty I studied in the Department of Technologies. When I arrived in Panevėžys, the mentors of KTU Panevėžys were very helpful.

During the first week we, together with mentors, walked around the city and got to know Panevėžys better. Panevėžys is a small town. I think most of the people enjoy living there. Otherwise, if you want to go partying or take part in any of the organizations for foreign students, it might be hard in Panevėžys, it is not like in Kaunas, where there are a lot more things to engage in for foreign students. Despite that, it is easy to go everywhere in Lithuania by bus from Panevėžys and have fun. 

The KTU Panevėžys dormitory is good, itis close to KTU Panevėžys faculty, and the staff of the KTU Panevėžys faculty is nice too.  They will help you every time. 

If you come from a big city, it might be hard to find a lot of things to do in Panevėžys, because the city is relatively small.

One of the most important things to say is Robotics laboratory at KTU Panevėžys faculty. It was perfect for me. Anytime (9.00 a. m. – 17.00 p. m.) you could work there. I am a programmer, and I improved myself at this laboratory. Professors are friendly, helpful and understandable.