„I brought good memories home from my Erasmus studies in Lithuania“ – student G. Guven

Important | 2017-07-05

Gozde Guven, Accomodation managment, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University

Erasmus studies in 2012/2013

I brought good memories home from my Erasmus studies in Lithuania. Firstly, I came to study in Panevėžys with my best friend. So, our Erasmus exchange studies were a wonderful experience. I liked studying in Panevėžys because lecturers were really helpful, hospitable and good-hearted. They have great experience in their field of work, so their lectures were really good. My friend and I learned plenty of new things. Furthermore, their English language skills helped us improve the competency of the English language.

Panevėžys city was also kind of experience, citizens were curious to know our origin and touch hair. Besides that, I miss a lot of things in Panevėžys: lecturers, Erasmus friends, and even classes. We chose Lithuania because interesting language that we don’t know. My friend and I can speak Russian and English, so we preferred Lithuania where we can communicate in both languages. We were satisfied with accommodation, education and everything in general in Panevėžys.

To sum up, when I was in Panevėžys, my friend and I were happy. It was a good experience for my life. I think Lithuania and Turkey have cultural similarities and differences. For instance, in Lithuania shopping bags are paid, but in Turkey they are free. I think it is the way how Lithuanians reduce waste and do not harm nature. I also got used to this good behavior, and right now I avoid using the surplus of shopping bags in Turkey. I am happy that Erasmus experience in Panevėžys taught me this good habit. For future exchange students I suggest saving money and use the opportunity to travel more to other countries while you are in a new location.